Quepapa.in is an Indian market place to "Discover Unique Indian ethnic dresses for women”.
India is a beautiful diverse country which reflects in our thoughts, our living habits, clothes, languages. While we have started turning towards western lifestyle, the biggest reason for leaving our own is a lack of understanding of the rich heritage of our culture. At Que Papa, we want to glow and grow gracefully with our bold Indian culture’s strength and at the same time evolve and capture the sensibilities of a global woman bringing a new shift in this society, for our mothers and sisters to join this strong and beautiful culture of India, to present Indian clothing in a way that can beat any other outfit.

We aim to reach out to every woman in India and provide them with affordable clothing to make them feel confident, beautiful and gorgeous and our goal is to match every woman who is successful and comfortable in herself. Here, we always try to give you the fashion that you admire. In actualising our vision to make Que Papa the leading branded apparel, great quality, reasonable pricing and customer satisfaction are our top priority. A variety of colors and fabrics makes it the perfect brand for women with exceptional taste and a wide range of garments such as gown, lehengas, sarees, garara, sharara, Kurtis, etc adorns our stores and attracts the attention of our discerning customers.

Customer Focus

For almost 4 decades Seema’s Vinay Trading Company has served as a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Indian ethnic wear for Women in India. Operating in Delhi, manufacturing perfect standard quality and latest styles, the company has flourished and made a deep reputation for itself and now also associates with Que Papa, a leading and trustworthy eCommerce platform for Women Apparel.

Our respect for our customers and their expectations keeps us motivated to improve ourselves, hence, we started an online platform for our end users as we believe that every sale is a valuable relationship thus creating a network of happy and satisfied customers.

How it started

We are Garima & Ayora Jain, a mother-daughter duo here to capture stories by creating a platform for women and build a community where such likeminded females can thrive and prosper freely and united by a passion for their work, Skills, and the realisation that their participation matters.

Realising freedom actually starts with self employment and everything else can be figured out with time. With the passion for doing something new for women, empowering oneself and in the process enabling other like minded women along the way, we started on our journey with ‘Women Libaas’ in 2019 which later grew into Que Papa.

We believe that everyone has the right to choose and decide for herself and once her mind is made, no one can and should challenge her. By doing this we try to keep learning and growing while getting to know about our mixed culture and understanding them in this way gives a lot of comfort to the heart.